Have an iPhone/iPad ?
Need help setting up email accounts on it?
What about banking, GPS, free apps?

We're the experts !!
so call us for a 1-1 lesson that
will get you more productive
on the world's greatest phone or tablet.

With the aid of our unique troubleshooting methods,
we do in 1 hr, what other technicians can take
up to 2 hrs to achieve

"My Daddy Fixes Computers"
The name you can trust

Servicing Melbourne & Canberra with on-site technicians

Servicing the WORLD with remote assistance

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What other customers are saying ....
"Having teenage kids means that our family has diversified computing needs. File sharing, photos, music, gaming, infections, it all seemed to much for us to work out. I came across My Daddy Fixes through a family friend. The technician came around to our house at a convenient time,listened to our needs and then came up with a solution to our computing requirments. I now have happy teenagers who are more productive with their computing time."
- Satisfied Mum, Effie Pasas, Warrandyte, Victoria

"Hi John, your solution fixed the problem in about five seconds, after I spent don`t know how long pulling my hair out. Glad I didn't get you out for five seconds work. Thanks so much. Greatly appreciated."
- Shelley Rowe, Springvale, Victoria

"We needed a solution for our remote computing needs. A friend of mine recommended the services of www.MyDaddyFixes.com. Their technician analysed our needs and implemented a secure, affordable solution. We now have the ability to connect to our office network from wherever in the world we may be. Talk about global computing."
- Emma Pearce, Populous People Solutions, Melbourne

"My old computer was continually freezing and blue screening. Not knowing where to turn for help, I came across www.MyDaddyfixes.com in the local paper. The wording of the ad gave me assurance that I was going to get value for money service. Sure enough, 1 day later, my Operating System had been re-installed and my problems had disappeared"
- Sharon Runciman, Lifestyle Assistants, Melbourne

"I wasn't sure what to do when my computer starting playing up. I was receiving all sorts of errors. I was referred to John (MyDaddyFixes-Computers technician) by a family friend. He was very professional in his diagnosis of the problem and advised that a replacement machine was required. Within 2 days I had a new machine setup, my documents transferred from the old computer and a regular maintenance routine that allowed me to keep my new machine in good order. Talk about service !!"
- Paul Giotas, Pascoe Vale South, Victoria.

"Everyone running a business knows how important email communication can be. We were planning an overseas trip and our web host could not offer an auto responder for our email account. Not knowing what to do and mentioning our problem to a friend, we were referred to John at My Daddy Fixes - Computers. He analysed our current setup and devised a solution to our auto responder problem. Now we can take breaks away from our business, knowing that our clients queries are being addressed. We highly recommend the services of a My Daddy Fixes technician. They talk and understand our language, the language of customer satisfaction."
- Galina Zenin, Manager Bonkers Beat, Melbourne

"It was Friday evening and I was in a situation where I had to get a warehouse full of PC's networked by Monday morning. I called www.MyDaddyFixes.com and by Saturday afternoon I was ready for business. I would highly recommend the services of www.MyDaddyFixes.com for all small to medium business."
- Gabby Leibovich, Choice Tradings Pty Ltd, Moorabin

We had an office move looming during the Christmas break. There were computers, printers and faxes to move which seemed daunting to handle ourselves. We called John at My Daddy Fixes - Computers and he promptly took on the responsibility of moving the equipment and ensuring that it was functioning in the new office as we expected it to. It was a load off our minds knowing that a professional was on the job."
- Wendy Creech, Stager Sport, Melbourne.

"Having had a technician out to my house several times to assist with various IT issues, I was amazed at the simplicity of setting up the Remote Assistance software, when offered the opportunity to do so. It took 5 min to setup and configure, after which I was receiving remote assistance from the technician. I had used remote assistance at work before but having it available for me at home was absolutely fantastic. My very own personal Help Desk, only a phone call away.... that's great. At $90 for 1/2 hr or $180 for 1 hr, My Daddy Fixes has made remote assistance an affordable option for everyone. For people with limited time during the day, this is an option that makes life easier as well as being cost effective."
- Di O'Sullivan, Toorak, Victoria

"I was having some major problems my computer. One day my daughter was needing the PC to access some information for some project that she had to submit later that week. The PC was running far too slow and at times would shut down for no apparent reason. I was refered to My Daddy Fixes by a work colleague who recommended them very highly. I contacted them the following day and had my PC picked up, fixed and returned within 24 hours. Not only was this incredible customer service, but my PC is running far better than it has ever run before, all thanks to My Daddy Fixes. I cannot recommend them highly enough. In an age when we are becoming more frustrated in the way we (the customer) are being treated, I cannot think of a greater experience in delivering the customers needs far beyond their expectations. Thank you"
- Peter Leos, Meadow Heights VIC

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