My Daddy Fixes Pty Ltd was started by me whilst in the throws of raising an extremely young family of 3 daughters. Considering the situation at the time, the name was a natural selection.

What started out as an evening hobby assisting people with virus removals back in 2002 has developed into a full time business supporting over 1000 customers in Melbourne and Canberra. At the core success of My Daddy Fixes is the underlying ethical values which form an important basis for me. Those values include, great customer service, respect for people's property and lifestyles, a thorough understanding of technical issues and a desire to assist people in simplifying their computing needs, making technology work for them, rather then the other way around.

Our core business is the residential market, and consequently our pricing reflects that. At My Daddy Fixes we aim to make home technical support affordable for mums and dads, grandparents and anyone in the need of quality technical support.

The business has grown to the stage where the original daddy, myself, has had to engage the services of other daddies to assist in servicing the growing numbers of customers who have realised that asking a My Daddy Fixes technician to assist you means you're getting honesty, integrity and technical expertise as a side affect of eliminating your computing issues, whatever they may be.

All our "daddy technicians" understand the values behind the company. They all follow the "daddy techniques" and above all, all our daddies are security cleared which means that you can have peace of mind that a "daddy technician" is entering your home and not just any "regular Joe".

Look forward to seeing everyone at some stage, whilst doing my "daddy rounds".

See you soon ...     John Malakasiotis