Remote Assistance - Quick, Easy & Affordable

Did you know that it is now possible to get assistance remotely?

Why use remote assistance?
It's more cost efficient for you. !!

Instead of paying the normal hourly rate and call out fee to have one of our Daddy's visit you in your home, you can arrange to have regular maintenance or troubleshooting performed remotely whilst you look in and observe what takes place.

Our remote assistance uses a secure protocol. You have complete control over the software which means no unauthorised access is possible without your knowledge.

How much do you ask?
The minimum charge is $60 which covers the first half hour. Each 15 min. after that the charge is an additional $25. For multiple hours the rate is $110/hr pro rata. That's over 30% discount on what you would normally pay to have one of our Daddy's visit you on-site.
[All prices are in $(AUD) & include gst]

You must have an active broadband connection for remote assistance to be possible, otherwise a site visit from one of our technicians is required.

A big THANKS goes out to all existing customers of MyDaddyFixes-Computers. Your continued support and referrals is greatly appreciated..

For new customers, payment via credit card is required prior to commencement of session.

For approved existing customers of MyDaddyFixes-Computers, you can opt to pay by direct debit or send a cheque after the maintenance has taken place.

To make a booking and have our qualified technicians solve your problems, please contact us via the CUSTOMER CONTACT link below.

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